DIGITAL SPACES (working title)



Digital Spaces (working title) is a practice-as-research, work in progress installation exploring the relationships between audience, protagonist and technology.

In amongst this mix of digital content are the real life encounters/memories of 'the User' - the fictional character whose digital and actual past experiences you are exploring. In walking the space to find these real encounters/memories - mundane and quotidian as they might seem - you will unlock further pathways and 'mediascapes', new memories and more digital encounters. Each journey has many forks in the road and every journey will be different depending on which memories and paths you tread.

In a one-on-one setting, the audience is tracked by overhead cameras and their movements transcoded into in a new digital landscape. Within the demarcated actual space, the user may explore and wander in and out of the virtual media 'zones' simultaneously, bringing new media into view. In finding the key circular zones, containing the real encounters/memories of 'The User', the audience is able to progress through the many paths of this virtual landscape.

Below are a number of screen shots from the imagery and software development phases of the project. For a HD video - click the video through to youtube.